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Cardinal Pole's White Fig web_edited_edi
Abrus precatorius
SHAPE PATTERN STRUCTURE; Pods, Cones & Capsules These 'Pods, Cones and Capsules' represent a few of the diverse fruiting structures of plants. Winged seeds of Mahogany & Pine are borne on the wind. Banksia fruits literally explode in response to fire, liberating the winged seeds within. Devils' Claw anchors to the feet of large mammals, while Cats' Claw snags onto the fur. Lotus seed floats up out of the pod, to be carried away by water. Foraging animals eat fallen fruits, spreading seeds in their faeces. The Monkey Ear evolved this dispersal strategy alongside Pleistocene megafauna. Ignored by today's native fauna, the plant is an evolutionary anachronism.
Spindle with Spindle Ermine - web.jpg
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