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Giclée prints are available of the following paintings. Please contact me for details.

The Great Vine, Vitis vinifera 'Schiava Grossa' syn Black Hamburg grows at Hampton Court Palace. This 250 year old grape vine was planted for King George lll, under the direction of Lancelot 'Capability' Brown in 1768. Watercolour & Ink 31cm x 45.5cm.

'In the Shade of the Hippocrates Tree'  Platanus orientalis var. insularis. This tree grows in the garden of the Royal College of Physicians, London & is commemorative of Hippocrates - the Father of Medicine, who taught medical students under a plane tree on the Greek island of Cos. Watercolour & Coloured Pencil, 44cm x 63cm.

'Kew's Oldest Tree'. This Sweet Chestnut Castanea sativa, is thought to have been planted in 1695, before the Gardens were set up. Watercolour & Ink on Natural Vellum, 12.5cm x 19cm.

Cardinal Pole's White Fig web_edited.jpg
SDoyle_Fading_Away small.jpg
Sandra_Doyle_Davidia_involucrata small.jpg
Euonymus europaeus -web_edited.jpg

Cardinal Pole's White Fig, Ficus carica

White Marseilles' Watercolour on

Kelmscott Vellum, 24cm x 31cm.

This tree was originally brought to

Lambeth Palace by the last

Roman Catholic Archbishop of Canterbury,

Cardinal Reginald Pole in 1556.

'Fading Away' This illustration of a

500 yr old lapsed pollard beech in

Epping Forest was part of ''ReflectionS',

no plants no planet', an Association of

Botanical Artists exhibition inspired by

the COP26 conference, Glasgow in 2021.

Acrylic Ink & Coloured Pencil on

Paper, 36cm x 58cm.

European Spindle, Euonymus

europeus. Acrylic Ink on Paper,

27.5cm x 37.5cm.

This painting was part of the

Association of British Botanical

Artists 'Botanical Art Worldwide'

Exhibition in 2018.

Handkerchief Tree,

Davidia involucrata. This painting was

part of an international exhibition to

celebrate the native flora of China in

the Wuhan Botanical Gardens in 2020.

Watercolour & Acrylic Ink on Vellum,

15cm x 20cm.

White 5 - Ilex aquifolium small.jpg
Iran Cypress Tree-web.jpg
Sandra_Doyle-Achilles_at_four_months small.jpg
Meadow Fairy Longhorn small.jpg

'Achilles at Four Months'. Achilles was

born at London Zoo in 2016, where

Sandra is a volunteer.

In 2018 he was relocated to Howletts

Wild Animal Park, where he now lives as

part of a breeding programme designed to

save the critically endangered

Sumatran Tiger. Coloured Pencil &

Acrylic Ink on Paper, 50cm x 68cm.

A5 Greetings Card also available.


Sarve-e Abarkuh, the 4000 yr old

Cupressus sempervirens var. Horizontalis,

from Yazd Province Iran. Acryic Ink &

Coloured Pencil on Paper, 31cm x 40cm.

Wren on Holly. Watercolour on

Vellum, 12cm x 17cm. 

Original also available.

'Meadow Fairy Longhorn' Part of

'The Natural Eye 2020' Wildlife Artists

Exhibition in the Mall Galleries, this

painting was done during the first UK

lockdown while observing the natural

world within the confines of Sandra's

garden. Watercolour & Acrylic Ink,

30cm x 42cm.

Original also available.

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