Giclée prints are available of the following paintings. Please contact me for details.

Cardinal Pole's White Fig web_edited.jpg
Iran Cypress Tree-web.jpg
Euonymus europaeus -web_edited.jpg

Cardinal Pole's White Fig, Ficus carica 'White Marseilles' Watercolour on Kelmscott Vellum,

24cm x 31cm.

This tree was originally brought to Lambeth Palace by the last Roman Catholic Archbishop of Canterbury, Cardinal Reginald Pole in 1556.

Sarve-e Abarkuh, the 4000 year old Cupressus sempervirens var. Horizontalis, from Yazd Province Iran. Acryic Ink and Coloured Pencil on Paper, 31cm x 40cm.

European Spindle, Euonymus europeus. Acrylic Ink on Paper, 27.5cm x 37.5cm.

This painting was part of the  Association of British Botanical Artists 'Botanical Art Worldwide' Exhibition in 2018.